How To Get Started

This article is intended for people who are new to case interviews and want to know how they can prepare themselves and what resources exist.

We’re going to focus on three things:

1. Resources

2. How to Approach Cases

3. Practice Partners


There are two sets of resources for case prep:

1. Casebooks – I’ve assembled a good list at the links tab at the top. In my experience, the Michigan / Ross casebooks are the best ones. If you want more, you can search for casebooks from individual business schools through Google or other search engines.

2. Websites / Blogs – My favorites (other than this one!) are:

Victor Cheng’s Website:

Working With McKinsey:

In particular, Victor Cheng’s site has some videos that you can watch for the basics of a case (also found on YouTube, see below) and Working With McKinsey has some great stuff about preparing for behavioral interviews.

How To Approach Cases

Victor Cheng has a good series of videos on the basics of case interviews:

I would also recommend you read the following articles to get a basic overview of what’s going on in a case:

Opening Cases

How a Case Should Flow

Business Terminology

Being Hypothesis Driven

Analyzing Data

Taking Good Notes

Solving Quantitative Questions


Asking Great Questions

Being Concise

Concluding Cases

When Can You Stop Practicing Cases?

Practice Partners

Before you start looking for practice partners, make sure to visit the resources above and read / try some cases yourself to get a better understanding of how to approach cases.

Here are the two best places to find case partners:

The first one is a matching service, and the second one is a web board where people leave their contact info. Basically, you just reach out to find partners and set up a time on Skype or other messaging services.

I’ve found that the times where demand is greatest is during school holidays and before common interview times (i.e. September for full time and January for internships).

And here are my recommendations for good cases:

Candidate Led Cases

Interviewer Led Cases

Difficult Cases


To get started:

1. Resources – Download casebooks and do some initial research by reading this site and some of the others I recommended.

2. How to Approach Cases – Read a basic overview of the case interview process or watch the recommended video and read some articles to familiarize yourself on the best ways to approach cases.

3. Practice Partners – Find some practice partners through the recommended sites. I’d seek out as many good people as you can find, ask for references to other good people, and try to find people who have different backgrounds / perspectives to work with.

By the way, when you start to get really good and feel like you aren’t improving anymore, check out this article: How To Break Out of a Plateau

Good luck!


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